Monday, February 15, 2010

Lessons in building a home

If I were more put together (i.e. not living on my sis-in-law and future bro-in law's couch...who btw are some of the most gracious hosts on the planet...during the week and commuting an hour to get to the parental unit in laws on the weekends to squeeze in face time with my husband), there would be a picture of my house in this post. The house that's the cause for all this life upheaval. But, of course, I packed my digital camera someplace...special. So special and so intelligent of me that I can't find it. So much for organized packing.

Back to that dream house. We went on a little walk-through today to go over the most recent inspection that our inspector turned in. His list made us a little faint and start thinking things like, "What the hell do we think were doing building a new home?" or "Why are we doing this?" But after meeting with our foreman, we discovered that our inspector had actually gotten in a little too early and most "problems" were just things that had already been in process. Whew. Because we know nothing about homeownership. We know nothing about building a home. So when our inspector is using words like "tyvek short," "ceiling joist missing," or "window nails missing," it's enough to send you into a little tizzy and want to use some choice words and put some bad karma out in the world. All this made me realize I need to educate myself on the upcoming home maintenance, so I rushed out and bought Home Maintenance for Dummies. Feel free to leave your best tips in the comment section.

On the plus side, the impromptu walk-through of our framed up house was so exciting. Who knew I would get excited over, of all things, storage space. Pantry. Linen closet. Coat closet. Those are titillating words to a former tiny apartment renter.

We go on another walk-through on Thursday. Check back for pictures! Now to plan my next yoga class and read up on cleaning gutters.



  1. So excited with each step you get closer! I own a house, and I don't know what some of those words mean... : )

  2. Start watching "This Old House." Also, make sure they put in that ceiling joist. It's important.