Tuesday, March 13, 2012

West elm wish list

Because it's my birthday (oy. 30.), I decided I would put together a wish list post of eye candy that's taken my hazel peepers and kept them. In my window shopping, I realized that really I spend most of my time over at West Elm. So here's my my wish list a la West Elm. If I had a few grand to spend. Wouldn't that be nice?

1. This Chunky Tassel Throw in silver gray ($79)

One of my real-life birthday presents was a snow white Cracker Barrel rocker. It was a complete surprise, and one that I'm still figuring out how to arrange in our living room since our sectional eats up most of the real estate (she probably will end up on the front porch; the rocker, not the sectional). But right now I'm enjoying her even if she is a little in the way and thought she could use throw and possibly a pillow. I think this number would cozy up the chair a little bit because really, rocking chairs are not that comfy.

2. I've had my eye on this Organic Carved Circles Duvet forever (originally $109 and currently on sale...I might have to buy her)

I think the gold would pair nicely with the ocean blue of my bedroom. It's not too feminine and it's not too masculine and has a beachy quality to it that always seems to call my name.

3. Globe Pendant ($99)

One of the things high up on my to-do list is replace some of the builder grade lighting, especially the ones that look like boobs. I would love to hang this over our island, and because it's so neutral, I could still do something fun over the dining table and hand another pendant over the sink without it clashing. Maybe this capiz chandelier for over the table?

4. Boerum dresser ($799)

I love the reclaimed, distressed look of this dresser. Like it's been adrift to sea.

5. Window daybed ($449)

Working from home means my office is my guest bedroom. Complete with a bed. I try my best to ignore it on my just-wanna-go-back-to-bed-days. A daybed would still provide a guest a spot to rest a noggin but provide a little more real estate and function (another place to sit and edit). But who am I kidding?! I'd still want to curl up there most days.

6. Turned Foot Dining Vitrine ($799...on sale for $499)

Small kitchen=not enough storage for all my lovely Pampered Chef serving pieces. This vitrine is new on my list, but I love that I could still show off my white lovelies and have a drawer for napkins and other serving items. The legs also would match our dining table legs. Nothing like a nice pair of legs.

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