Thursday, March 1, 2012

Foyer gallery

Foyer is such a weird word, right? Must be why more people call them entryways. I'm not in love with that word either. Vestibule? Lobby? Nah, too bank/theaterish. I'll stick to foyer. Sounds rare. I have a foyer.

The foyer was one of the selling features of this strange little house of ours. And I had grand plans for it. Yet, it sat for almost two years untouched while our life grew a baby who turned into a toddler seemingly overnight. Of course it's easy to blame a lot of things on Vincent, but honestly, a lot of things have more to do with my not knowing where to start on a project/not wanting to spend the money. So it sat.

But that wouldn't do with Vincent's first birthday party going down. Someone had to make it look like this home was loved and wanted. It's been almost two years and the only things hung on the walls were mostly limited to the mantel. Armed with my vision that was inspired in part by Young House Love's gallery hallway and pins I had seen on Pinterest, I put together my own little gallery.

Behold: the foyer gallery. Let's zoom in on some of those fabulous Gs.

G and frame purchased at Jo-Ann's. I removed the glass and backing from the frame and affixed the G to the wall with poster tack for a more seamless look.

G plate (Hobby Lobby)
Well, I'd like to take all the credit, but if you have learned anything reading this blog you'll know that any creativity is partly emotionally underwritten and sponsored by my sister. She helps me make decisions and helps me not over think things, and just generally inspires and motivates me. I'm almost disabled by my indecisiveness. She's my therapist.

Another Hobby Lobby purchase. Another G.

Because I had a gift card to Jo-Ann's, I decided to hit up their frame section first. I'm glad I did. They had a variety of fun frame textures, my favorite being the oval frame surrounding the G. Oh, and look, I worked in some Gs. Of course the gallery is stuffed with pictures of our little man, but I hope to grow it to include other pictures, prints, and media, but for right now, I'm happy with how it turned out.

I also managed to buy plate hangers for $2 apiece at Target (look in the hardware section) for these awesome Roseanna plates my sister bought me years ago as a birthday present. I hung them in the "dining room area" (I use quotes since there's not actually rooms in our house, just one big open space divided with furniture.) Sadly you can no longer buy them from the site, but if you Google "wine tasting Roseanna plates," you can find a few resellers.

Roseanna plates

I also added a couple items to the mantel. I found this black chunky resin G at Hobby Lobby. (You know I petted it all the way to the check out.) Popped in a baby picture of Vincent into a frame I already had and purchased the quatrefoil one on major sale at Jo-Ann's. Now the mantel officially looks like Vincent lives here.

Another new G (Hobby Lobby) and pictures of Vincent (far right frame from Jo-Ann's)

Sidenote: I estimate I spent at least $150 on the project, and some of the frames I already had. I recommend anyone trying to undertake a gallery like this acquire items slowly and not all I once like I did. I probably could have saved money repainting frames I already had, but I was on a deadline.

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  1. I love, love, love your gallery! I didn't do anything but hang out with you while you shopped and did all the work!