Monday, January 9, 2012

Hung up on jewelry hangers

Now that I'm starting to amass a few rather long and chunky pieces of jewelry that don't fit into my jewelry box, I'm thinking it's time to get a jewelry hanger. I'd love to see my fun Charming Charlie pieces and my very favorite recycled T-shirt and flower necklaces up and on display. Since I'm a jewelry phobe/virgin, I forget what I own. My daily routine has never included "What fun necklace should I wear? Or I wonder if those dangly earring would go with this outfit?" Nope, those thoughts don't cross my mind. But this girl is changing, and I think a jewelry hanger would remind me what I have and be a fun closet accessory. So I turned to Etsy. Of course there would be a million options.

Here are the ones I like:

From CocosKnits 
Although this one is by far is my fave, I think $75 is a bit steep. Just think of all the pieces I could get at Charlies!

This one from is Sleeper1972 different and made from upcycled material, but I imagine my collection will soon grow beyond what it can hold. The $17 is easy on the wallet though. Would it look good in a closet?

This one from penelope9919 is very Dexter ($10). Moving on...

I don't quite need a Caboodle (bluebirdheaven, $116). Do you remember Caboodles? I never quite had enough crap to fill the slots and drawers for those tackle boxes.

I think this one from oakstudiosofdesign would give me space to grow. Although the price--$35--for such a simple piece might be a little much.


  1. Make your own! I bought a large shadowbox at Michales (or Hobby Lobby but we dont have those here in DC). Used a piece of scrap fabric to line the backing. Then used straight pins chopped of with wire cutters to use as the hangers.

    Much cheaper than $75 listed for your first option...

  2. I have to admit I can't take credit for my above idea -- I stole it from a friend: