Friday, November 30, 2012

Insta Friday

Here I go again. Maybe this time blogging will stick, but instead of focusing on my very obvious lack of blogging, let's instead focus on how Jessica Simpson may or may not be pregnant. If I see her in a poncho, my vote is that her stall is occupied.

Somehow it's Friday already. This week went way too fast.

On Monday we went to the doctor to get Vincent's ears checked after a two-week course of antibiotics for an ear infection. Another one. We're done. We're throwing in the towel and seeing an ENT for possible tube placement. I'm heartbroken. I had these when I was little, and I here I am today still with chronic ear problems. I hope Vincent wasn't cursed with my ear genes. Here's to ear health.

Speaking of that little boy, he's so silly. Already hates to have his picture taken. He tells me, "No, Mama." What? Like taking a picture of this dashing boy shouldn't be worth my time. Please.

Those eyelashes set my heart a pitter pattering. Love. 
Those teeth. Thank you tooth fairy for finally blessing my son with teeth at 15 months, but did they really have to be carrot chompers. My bad ears and big teeth. Poor guy.
Handsome, right? Even with a smidge of soup right. there.
"No Mama."
Last Saturday was spent trying to get started on my Christmas decorating. I gave up. Sunday we sent Vincent to grandma's. Boy am I thankful for aunts who love him so. 
This garland looks a little sick and sad. More decorating is in order. I'm told one jingle bell is plenty. Testy, aren't ya?
Not done yet, but look a farm at Christmastime! Yeah, this is probably as close as I'll ever get to owning one.
Since I had to drag the ladder out to decorate I decided I should take a peek at the burned out lightbulbs so we can quit living by candlelight in the dark. This the bulb I found. Seriously? This is like a Christmas tree light!
I introduced Vincent to penguin and snowman tic tack toe. Not sure we fully understood the concept of the game. 
Red and gold just because I think it's magical, not because I was am a Chiefs fan.
Oh, look, a fire while we decorate. Ha! Thanks Netflix.
Oh, you had me at gold mercury jeweled glass hello. And all for $1.49. I had to buy you and two brothers. Might have to go back for more. 
Sherpa is the new Uggs. I wear this thing. And I want one in colors for every season. Meet my Christmas Sherpa. I'm contemplating the name Shirley.   
Speaking of shopping, Mama bought herself Young House Love's new book on the Nook. It was a steal at $2.99. Hoping Santa brings me the hardback. I can appreciate both pages that turn and screens that swipe. I'm savvy like that.
I've been doing a lot of this lately mixed with applying for new jobs. I wish knitting could be my full-time job. If it was, I'd be more broke than homeless man. I'm terrible. Herringbone might be my nemesis.
I've been drinking a lot of hot tea with the onset of winter and work stress. With a dash of honey and my Shirley Sherpa, I feel so zen. Cue the "Ommmm."

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  1. Love Shirley! And those eye lashes! And your mantel! And your entire post! And you! Nice work sistah!