Sunday, May 18, 2008

Down goes the folic acid

Before you ask, no, I'm not pregnant. No where close. Even the tiniest bit. But maybe next year or the year after or the year after (no, I'm not a procrastinator), with any luck—if everything falls into place with finding a home, work load getting lighter, and all the necessities that a baby requires. I read recently that women of childbearing age should take folic acid before getting pregnant. So I figured I would start now and make it part of my routine. The other part of my preparing for Jessaca to be a mommy (crazy, I know; I must have lost my mind): changing my medication to a once daily shot (ugh!). The current shot I take to maintain my MS is a three-times a week shot, but it's not rated safe by the FDA to take while trying to conceive/early pregnancy. So, just because I can only imagine conception as a pretty stressful time (heh!), and then add to the fact that I would need to change to a more frequent shot, I decided to just do all the ugly stuff now. I'm all about being prepared. The downfall is that my poor skin where I give my shots currently is so sore, that I can only image what doing a shot once a day is going to do to it. Woe is me. Really, I'm lucky. At least there is a medication I can take that is safe. And really, doing a once-daily shot doesn't scare me as much as being a mommy. Me? A mom? Hahahahahahahaha.

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  1. You are so smart to start preparing early! I can't wait until the day you blog to say your eggo is prego! I will shower you with tums and prune juice and all the things necessary to survive being pregnant!