Saturday, May 17, 2008

The road ahead is a bumpy one

Today, my youngest sis-in-law graduated high school. It was a bittersweet affair for the entire family. After knowing her for more than 9 years (yes, I know, 9 years), she's completely an independent person. I remembered when she would line up her Polly Pockets around the house, grasping her blanket, and asking me to play with her. It's a far cry from the person she has become, and the person she has yet to become. It's so fun to see her transform and grow. When I was her age, I thought I was on top of the world. Lordy (as M.O.M. would say). If only I knew then what I know today. Life is messy, brilliant, and I really need to start enjoying it more.

My goals for enjoying life more:
1. Take more pictures...of everything and everyone. I'm not that comfortable behind the camera, so I tend not to take pictures. Perhaps if I can talk Jonathan into a snazzy new camera, I'll be more inclined to taking pictures.

2. Get out of the house more often. This will be tricky. I'm a homebody and I am very frugal. And I equate getting out of the house with spending money.

3. Spruce up my patio. I need to get outside more often. I think if I put some pretty plants on my patio and my some patio furniture (there's that spending money thing again), I'd be outside everyday. Vitamin D is very healthy.

4. Exercise. This is probably the hardest goal because it means I need to get off this increasing-getting-larger behind. A yoga pass may be essential.


  1. These are great goals! I specially like the patio one! You and DH would enjoy spending time out there so much! AJ and I just enjoyed a summery dinner of chicken salad on croissants with fresh pineapple...yes the fresh pineapple that I sacrificed my left index finger for.

  2. Wow, Jessaca! You are on a roll with blogging, and those are great goals and funnily similar to mine. We have a wee deck my roommates and I want to spruce up with some astroturf, lawn chairs, and lights for a faux backyard. And I need to get back into yoga. I've been good since I've been out here, but my pass ended two weeks ago. I wish I were in KC longer so I could take in a class or two at Darling.