Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas recap

Christmas this year was actually quite lovely. Despite my bah humbugness. It began with Chance and I exchanging ornaments via Skype, a tradition that we started last year. She's such a fun gift giver. Like Mom, she thinks and thinks and thinks about her gifts, and her ornament and present this year were no exception. After several phone calls earlier in the month to get my opinion on butterflies (no to the butterflies) and colors and other things, I ended up with a beautiful tear-drop-shaped purple glass bulb with bejeweled velvet swirlies. The theme this year: Twilight. I did I also mention that she's quite imaginative? Last year it was a bear holding a fish to commemorate our trip to Echo Lake. The funny thing about this is that the crazy bear matches my tree more than my fancy bulb does. For my present, she gave me a yoga mat bag from Denver Brunette. I just know people at my studio will ask where I got it, and can't wait to tell them it's handmade! I can't wait to to see what Chance will get me next year.

I did my last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve afternoon (I'm insane, I know) and Jonathan went to the store for our Christmas Eve dinner as per tradition. After I put my little cornish game hens in the oven to bake, I hurried to the wrap the mountain of presents I somehow had come to buy Jonathan. For some reason I kept thinking I needed to buy him more and more. While we ate our cornish game hens, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole, we watched White Christmas, which is the Christmas movie Jonathan got me this year. Last year, it was Elf. Every year I ask for a Christmas movie so that someday I can have a collection to watch throughout the month when I have children and should family come to visit. I always loved Christmas movies, so it's a tradition I plan to make for my kids (when I have them). We finished off dinner with a Hershey's chocolate mousse pie. Then I promptly went to bed.

On Christmas Day, we woke up at 8 so we could start the cheesy potatoes to take over to the in-laws and bake our cinnamon rolls. This is what I received from Jonathan: V-string underwear (I knew it was a mistake to say I needed underwear and then expect Jonathan to purchase the decent kind), the complete series of Angel, penguin ornaments, Chapstick, Starbucks gift card, iTunes gift card, lots of chocolate, and finally, the most impressive gift ever: jeans! Jonathan bought me clothes! Of course, they're too long, so I'll need to go get them hemmed, but clothes! Maybe next year I'll actually get a sweater or a shirt.

From my in-laws, who are always so generous, I got: pajamas, candy, Starbucks gift card, iTunes gift card, a Snowbaby music box, a Hawaiian ornament from their recent trip, a Cuttlebug, a Barnes & Nobles gift card, yoga clothes, fun tea light holders, and money. Later that evening we went to the retirement home where my MIL works to help serve dinner, sing carols, and play bingo. Usually the facility just sends sack dinners to the rooms and the residents eat a lonely Christmas supper. But my MIL thought that wasn't any way to spend Christmas, so she organized it so her family would come serve them dinner and bring some spirit to their evening without having to have the extra staff it would require. And she's only the receptionist! She's truly an amazing and giving woman. That evening we ate homemade enchiladas and watched Mamma Mia!. It was hilarious, but it was a little strange watching James Bond sing. We got home so late I fell into bed exhausted.

After Christmas run-down: This morning I could barely move thanks to my shot, but I braved yoga, which was a mistake. I could barely bend over without intense pain in my legs and lower back. Not to mention my sinuses, which I think they're working their way to infection level. Jonathan met me at the door when I got home and helped me out of my shoes and coat and pushed me on the couch where I slept all day. Ahh! After Christmas.

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