Sunday, February 8, 2009

There and back again

Home from my week-long stay with my sister. I was so sad to leave. Leave the smiles, the hugs, the giggling, the newborn snuggle loving, the Thomas-watching (Okay, maybe not so sad about that). I'm was also glad to be home and see Jonathan. I missed him so much. He bought me flowers and candy. Guess I was missed too. The week was a success. Baby Abby is a little charmer. She loves to be held close and rocked—not to mention she loves to eat. Not sure Mom got much rest with Abby being so hungry. AJ has gotten so big, and so independent. I can't decide who I'll miss most, but I guess I don't have decide. I love em all so much. I'm so lucky to be able to have spent time with the little family. Not sure when I'll be able to see them again. Good thing there's Skype! Now I need to make plans to see my new nephew. I'm a busy aunt!


  1. We all miss you already!!! Thanks for being such an amazing helper and sharing some many special moments! Love you!

  2. It was fun to see you and get a chance to hang out while you were here! I know that Chance and the rest of the gang must be missing you like crazy! Hope to see ya again soon!:)

  3. You should win a "Best Aunt" award!!