Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What vacation?

I'm being pseudo mommy for the week while Capricious recovers from having her cutest of a thang daugher (aka Girlfriend). AJ has been heaps of fun. We've pretended to talk on our cell phones very adult-like: how's the weather? cold. whatcha doing? me talk. how you doing? i'm fines all around. We've watched hours of Thomas (unfortunately, I have a head full of songs that I would rather not have). We've created cars out of suitcases and block carts. We've perfected our choo choo and vroom vroom noises. We've played trains and painted pictures. We've had picnics on the floor. We've taken pictures. We've danced. We've changed clothes and taken naps. And I'm exhausted. And yet, I know after this week is over, I'll miss him more than ever and want to go back in time. And possibly want to take a real vacation after my vacation. Being pseudo mommy is hard work. But very very satisfying and rewarding. Do you hear that: That could be the makings of a baby itch. Better grab the calamine.


  1. I bet AJ is loving the time with you and mommy probably loves all the help!!! I know I love it when a grandma volunteers to come over, so I can get a quick nap!!!

  2. Kids are so entertaining...and exhausting! How do you feel now...after 7 whole days of being super aunt and sister?