Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Facebook pressure

Sure, I blog. I enjoy it. It's a litte space where I can tell you what's going on in my life, maybe post some pretty pictures, and possibly write something inspirational. Wax on and on about my yoga path. Share with you my recently found music loves. But apparently, blogging is not enough. I'm told I need to get on Facebook. I've been repeatedly asked if I'm on Facebook.

Here's my concern: Recently, it's come to my attention that because of what I do professionally, I'm easy to find. (Go ahead and Google me.) People know my name, especially since it's very unique. A conversation during knitting group came up about how the professional self and social self need to be one on Facebook, because it's not just your friends looking you up anymore, it's your coworkers, your would-be employers, your church. Anyone. You have to watch what you say and what kind of persona you put out there. And I have a hard time practicing self-restraint. Not that I would go crazy and post obscene pictures of myself.

So I'm debating. Weighing whether I want to add yet another thing to monitor, where, unlike this blog where I have a certain amount of anonymity, I'd have to monitor my actions. But everyone seems to be doing it.


  1. I was also getting the "Are you on facebook?" question all the time. I joined, but not that impressed. It is not pretty like a blog. It has been interesting to reconnect with people I haven't stayed in touch with from the past though. However, I rarely update my facebook...if I really like you then you have my blog : )

  2. I say sign up, but I'm biased being a long-term fanatic. You can hide your profile so people can't even search for you and that way you don't have the awkward dance of rejecting people you know that you don't like (or co-workers you want to keep professional relationships with) and don't want to have access to your personal info. That way you can just use it for personal stuff. Plus, I post way more pictures on facebook then my blog, just because it's faster.