Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Favorite photographers

I love my wedding photographer. She's amazing, wonderful, and so so much fun. If you're in the K.C. area, check out Allure Imagery. They made me see photography in a whole new light.

But now I'm discovering photographers outside my little zone. My sister's friend recently turned me on to the work of Audrey Hannah, who's based in Denver. And now what does my sister want for her birthday in June: money for family portraits with Audrey Hannah. I think I might have to get behind that deal if she'll let Jonathan and I sneak in on pictures.

I've always dreamed of having all my family get together with a photographer roving about capturing the moments. Maybe it'll be a dream come true. Some day.

Tell me: Who are your favorite photographers?


  1. I guess we're all partial to our wedding photographer. Here's a link to mine:

    I also really love David LaChappelle:

    Cindy Sherman and Diane Arbus. I don't think I'd want a portrait done with either of these, though, if it were even possible.

  2. Check these guys out:

  3. they truly are great pics of ms allikaye aren't they??

    i sooo hope you guys take some pics with audrey hannah - how awesome would that be??