Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A poser in the best way

Yesterday I got quite the surprise upon arriving to yoga. I had the case of the Mondays. It had been a rough and long day in my mind, and I wasn't sure yoga was even going to do the trick. When I entered the studio, not too much crossed my mind when Emily (one of the owners of Darling Yoga) popped up from behind the counter with a big grin on her face. I didn't think too much about it, except: She's in a very good mood for a Monday. This is why I need to be a yoga teacher! Instant bliss! So grinned back. I didn't catch on that she was hiding something: "I have a present for you!"

At first I was taken back and confused. "Your sister called, and I know it's going to be your birthday soon. So I have present from your sister and one from me and Victor."

Suddenly, Monday was looking a lot better. Presents! From some of the most amazing and inspiring people in my little circle of life. And then it got better. Check it out:

That's the poster t-shirt I've been eyeing, oh, I'd say half a year. Capricious kept trying to talk me into buying it, but [gulp] it was too pricey for my fugal mindedness—$45! Now it's mine, thanks to her! Now I have something to wear to my yoga workshop on Friday night. I hope "poser" really sets the mood for a candlelight vinyasa class.

Oh, and should you want to pop on by to my apartment, you'll be greeted with some beautiful-smelling incense that Emily and Victor gave me along with a incense holder. Ode to inspiration.

I just hope Jonathan likes it. It's already going to be a great 27th birthday, and it's still more than a week away.


  1. Hooray for surprise presents that turn your birthday into a birthday week!

  2. Yep! that is the kind of surprises you need on a Monday Morning!! Early Happy Birthday!! love Regina

  3. Hey poser! I love the shirt.