Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well, no one died on my birthday

Yesterday, on Friday the 13th, I celebrated my 27th birthday. Yes, that's right. On Friday the 13th. I took the day off to limit any catastrophes. I knocked on wood. Threw salt over my shoulder. Anything I could think of to keep all my loved ones and myself safe. And just as a precaution, Jonathan also took the day off.

My birthdays are usually really big letdowns. Maybe it's my high expectations. This year, I had no expectations and tons of fun. Maybe at 27, I've learned to let go.

I went to two yoga classes in the morning, wearing my poser shirt. At my yoga studio, I bought myself a $60 Jade yoga mat as a birthday present to myself. If you're serious about yoga like I am, you need this mat. I got my in orange and, should I ever need it anymore, it matches my yoga towel. I also got myself a birthday chai latte from Starbucks. Mmmmm. The perfect birthday morning.

When I got home, there was a FedEx box waiting for me from my sister Capricious. A while back she had a 100th blog-post giveaway for a really fun and funky tote. She had given me one of her very first tote creations, and I love it. It's a sophisticated, yet fun, black and white tote. I use it primarily to carry my knitting or magazines. So when she posted about her 100th blog-post giveaway being a tote made out of fun and funky pink and green material, I had to have it. So try as I might, I didn't win. Apparently, my excitement and want for the tote resonated with my sister, because I got my very own for my birthday. She spoils me so.

Jonathan gave me an auxilirary cord so I can listen to my iPhone in my car. Yay! I can even listen to Pandora radio too. He also made me my favorite chocolate cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting , which basically meant I had to be in the kitchen directing traffic.

To cap the evening, we ate dinner at The Bristol. I had the salmon and Jonathan had the trout. We both had the lobster mac 'n' cheese, which was heavenly. I decided that since it was my b-day, a drink was in order. So wished my early and mid twenties adieu with a berry caipiroska.

All in all, a good birthday. Hello 27. Nice to meet you.


  1. Did you have to say all in all?...

  2. I said all in all thinking about you. Now seriously, what kind of comment is that? I took pictures for you!

  3. okay...sorry...but all in the world of journalism you should know there are better concluding transitions out there

    You looked hot for your dinner! Yay, glad you like your totes and that you had a great b-day! Love your cupcake stand!

  4. Awww happy birthday! Sounds lovely!

  5. happy birthday friend - looks like the perfect day!!

    and for the record, i did not cringe at your suggestion. i sooo want to be a yoga mama - i just don't think i am cool enough!

  6. So glad to hear it was a good one. Wish I was close enough to scam one of those cupcakes off ya :)

  7. hello I am glad you had a great birthday I know what you mean about exxpectations they suck if you have skype look me up so we can talk love you Regina