Monday, July 25, 2011


By request, here's 29 (cuz that's how old I am!) things you may not have know about me.

29. I think I'm a hippie at heart. I believe in the good of most people. Unless you piss me off and then I write you off forever. Maybe I'm not a full-blooded hippie.

28. I happen to think women who don't wear any makeup and dress casually are the most beautiful because they let their personality "dress them up".

27. I thinking eating takes way too much time, especially now that I have a kid.

26. Even though I work from home, I have to be wearing shoes, even if it's just flip flops. Otherwise it feels like I'm working on the weekends.

25. I love the comfy casual look best. Not only am I comfortable but when I feel comfortable, I feel like I look good.

24. I love challenges. I took calculus in college just because I wanted to see if I could do it. I didn't even need it (journalism major). I ended up with a C, but I contend that a lot of that was because I had to spend a majority of my time tutoring my roommate because she didn't understand basic algebra.

23. I wish I would have majored in biology. I'm good at science, and I love a challenge.

22. Sometimes I miss being a college student and wish we could have repeat days where we go back in time for a day and have a do over and have conscious knowledge that it was a do over.

21. My other do-over days would be: the day my mother died so I could tell her goodbye, when I met my husband, my wedding day, and the day I gave birth to my son.

20. I didn't know motherhood would be this hard. I also didn't know how anxious I would be to find out how my little boy is going to turn out.

19. I like buying name brands. I equate them with quality, but since having a kid all brands are fair game.

18. I'm embarrassed to admit we bought Wal-mart brand diapers and we like them!

17. I'm a neat freak about how I clean: I don't clean all the time, but when I do, you could eat off every surface.

16. You could even eat off my toilet.

15. I loved being pregnant. I want to have another kid just so I can be pregnant again.

14. I also want another kid so I can go through birth again. I was in labor with my son for 18 hours and I pushed him out in 10 minutes.

13. I love to-do lists. My sister once made fun of me for all my lists and even bought me this beautiful to-do list book, but I can't bring myself to write in it because it's so beautiful! On my to-do list is to be brave enough to write in it.

12. I don't have very good manners.

11. I have a hard time meeting new people.

10. I firmly believe in my astrological sign, the Pisces. All the traits apply to me.

9. I think it would be fun to own a New Age shop. I would burn incense all day and listen to music that always puts me to sleep.

8. I'm very sensitive to the moods of people around me, especially anger. If you're angry, I can't stand to be in the same room with you.

7. I hate fighting.

6. RE: 7: It makes me very passive aggressive.

5. I love gummy bears.

4. I cracked up when my niece and nephew saw my gummy bears in my travel snacks when I went to Denver and totally wanted them. I guess I love kid candy.

3. I can't sit still long enough to watch movies anymore, especially ones that are thought provoking. We just watched Conception and I was glad we were interrupted by the kid so I could do something else for a while.

2. I hate people who bitch and complain and then when you bitch and complain they give advice like it's not a big deal. Hello, feel my pain!

1. I hate crying. When other people cry I never know what to do. Crying is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I think that's why I don't let Vincent cry much.

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  1. That was a good one! It made me laugh, smile, wonder what my do-over days would be, say huh and awe... I feel like I know you better now.