Friday, July 29, 2011

Daycare bound

And just like that, it's time for Vincent to go to daycare. Just to recap: He was home with me for 6 short sweet weeks, followed by two weeks home with Daddy. Then he went to work with Daddy through the end of June and watched full time by Grandma Pat almost the whole month of July. This very last week of July, he went to work with Daddy half days and spent the other half of the days at home (while I worked) and Daddy did most of the caregiving. On Tuesday it was Mamma & Vincent day from which I took the day off from the week I found out 5 months after having Vincent that my new company gives to new parents. Yeah, thanks for that 5 months later assholes. (Yes, I'm bitter. And I wrote assholes. I'm bitter, remember? But seriously, who doesn't tell an employee who was pissed about having to use all their vacation for maternity leave that they wouldn't have had to use with the old company that they get an extra week?!)

Today, on Vincent's very last day of no longer being cared for by family, we dropped in on his daycare that he'll be going to come August 1. The ladies that run the infant room are so sweet, even when one baby wasn't too happy about missing his nap because of the fire alarm drill that morning and another baby crying every time she looked at Jonathan.

I'm actually pretty excited for this part of Vincent's life. I think he'll learn a lot at daycare, and I'm looking forward to picking him up in the afternoons. The daycare isn't too far from our house, so it'll be a nice way for me to not only get out of the house every day but also to close up shop and go see his smiling face. Or at least I hope it's smiling. Miss Helen warned us that it takes a week or so for babies to get acclimated and they usually go home exhausted. The bonus she said is that they usually start sleeping through the night if they're not already. This mamma is loving those words!

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  1. How is daycare going? I loved that ours got Syd on a solid sleep routine...and I rarely stray from that on the weekends since it works so well. I love day-care and given the traits I'm seeing in Syds personality(she gets very stressed in situations with other children/people) I'm glad that we decided to go that route verses fostering her inner anti-social behavior here at home.

    That and picking them up at the end of the fun is it??!!! Xmas every night I say!