Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A V post

I think I've abandoned my other blog, so look her for all news about Baby Vincent as he mostly known at least on the Massey side. I think it has a better ring than Vinny (which makes my blood curdle and makes me want to vomit a little in my mouth; guess if you want to be on my good side, you'll call him V, Vincent, or even Vince, just saying).

So about the little guy: At almost 5.5 months, he's really close to rolling over. He hates tummy time, so I'm not sure if he'll ever be successful until it's time to crawl. His hands continue to fascinate him, and even though mamma shows him his feet everyday, he has yet to be interested. I'm so ready to see him do happy baby.

He's really attached to people (at least he is to Mom and Dad) and is starting to notice if you leave the room. Hopefully that won't be a cord that's around forever. I'd like to think Vincent could be a social, non-clingy child, but if it means more mamma snuggles, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

I've given him rice cereal on several occasions and he's still not interested and has a strong tongue thrust reflex. His pediatrician doesn't even recommend rice until 6 months, so I'm in no rush to push the issue, especially after this week's cereal triggered his gag reflex and he vomited every where. I felt like the worst mamma in the world. Honestly, I think this society is too keen on being food pushers, including bottles. I kept wanting Vincent to eat more in his bottles, but then it finally clicked that hey, he obviously doesn't need it so why push it? He'll eat more when he's ready; same goes with solids.

He's starting to reach for things independently. Before we had to show it to him and he would tentatively touch or grasp whatever it was we were presenting to him. He's starting to sit up more on his own, and we're thinking we might invest in a Bumbo seat so he can get more practice sitting. A couch isn't exactly conducive to unsupported sitting. One delay I'm a little worried about is that when we try standing him on our lap he doesn't bear weight on his legs, unless he's really pissed off. If he's still not doing this come his 6-month appointment, I might say something to our pediatrician. I just don't think Vincent is in any rush to achieve his development milestones and when he's ready, he seems to accomplish them in a day.

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  1. He is a happy, healthy baby with parents that absolutely love and adore him! He is doing great! You and JL are doing great! What a blessed family! Don't worry about the milestones, they will come. All babies are different. Before you know it, you will planning his fifth birthday party.