Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Vincent

I never started a baby book for Vincent. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I didn't think putting little factoids in a book was enough to say how much this little boy means to me. It doesn't capture much about him. Weight, lengths, first words, and first step information leave much to the imagination about the kind of little boy Vincent is. It doesn't capture how when Vincent is happy he grows and leans in to nuzzle you with an open-mouth kiss. Nor does it capture how he loves to splash in the tub, so much so that he loves getting splashed in the face. I could go on and on. So I thought instead of writing down all the mundane details that every baby goes through I would start writing little journal entries to him expressing what he's doing and what I'm loving about him. My only regret is that I wished I would have thought of the idea sooner. Oh well. All he needs to know is that he pooped, peed, and ate for the first 9 months of his life, right? He's only recently become a shining character worthy of words on a page. Oh, and I still keep track of those tiny details like height and weight, but on post-it notes. Maybe I'll make a page some day devoted to just this information.

So I set out to find a notebook to do this. And if you didn't know, Target has a lot of fun notebook. I saw this one with a changeable monogram on the front. The only problem was that the V monogram was pink. Call me old fashioned but pink is for girls. So I set out to make my own V to insert into monogram pocket at the front of the notebook. So clever. And I think I might do something with the left over letters. Maybe Vincent can use them to practice identifying them.

Here's the notebook. I hate that the sticker on it left behind some bleed from the glue. I might have to cover it up with a fun label. Something I can be bothered about later.

Here are the little punch out initials that came with the notebook. You can see the little monogram pocket on the left.

And more monograms. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I was lazy and took them with my iPhone.

And more. You can see the company also made some symbols...

And some other characters.

But I created my own monogram. Here are the options I liked best. But when I printed them out, I thought the last one was the strongest.

The font is called Ribbon. 

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  1. I love the journal idea!! I saw it about the same age as you started Vincent's. I really like your ABC pages!