Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year's resolutions

Since I'm turning 30 this year, I thought that it was fitting to have 30 resolutions.

1. To get up every morning at 5 and run on the treadmill or do yoga.
2. Blog at least three times a week.
3. Take more pictures of my family.
4. Start a blog binder and spend more time and effort into each post.
5. Redesign my blog.
6. Organize my office/guest bedroom to be a place I'm eager to go to work in every morning.
7. Paint my office.
8. Finish my foyer gallery project.
9. Hang up pictures around the house.
10. Put hardware on the cabinets.
11. Buy wall cabinets for each bathrooms that I can put towels in.
12. Paint the bathrooms.
13. Do something each month to prepare for Christmas.
14. Start sewing regularly.
15. Journal regularly.
16. Go see my niece in California.
17. Develop and cleaning schedule and stick to it.
18. Plan two date nights a month.
19. Practice French daily.
20. Get pointers on giving a better interview and talking myself up.
21. Come up with a budget plan for buying big ticket items for the house.
22. Call my dad at least once a month.
23. Plan a family reunion.
24. Have a girls weekend with my sisters.
25. Get professional family pictures.
26. Knit one item a month.
27. Drink more wine.
28. Set up regular hair appointments.
29. Teach Vincent sign language.
30. Get a new job.

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