Thursday, August 16, 2012

Give him a break

Tonight I was doing online research about teething. Actually, toddler teething. And I found nothing except a handful of forum advice. Really? Do no other kids not have problems eating when they have no teeth? Just my kid?

I did discover, however, the average development of teeth, when they come in and in what order. I don't know why I hadn't been bothered up until now to read up on this more. Most likely because I quit reading all the books when Vincent dropped off the milestone hit list. It saved me the anxiety and stress of knowing what a normally developed child is doing. I wouldn't call it denial. I would call it acceptance of the situation and avoidance of the "normal." But back to teeth. After having discussed with my friend that her daughter is also teething, I thought, "How strange. She's been teething for like a year. Vincent's been teething for three months." And then it hit me: He's been teething for three months. Where other babies get more than a year to complete this painful process, he's getting hit up and hit hard.

So this week where we've seen meltdown after meltdown, him refusing to eat or drink, extreme tiredness even before bedtime, night wakings that must be ignored, well, he's growing a bit of exoskeleton. Duh. That is: "Duh, Mama." So while I've wanted to pull my hair out, texted my sisters and friends so much I'm thankful for an unlimited data plan, and maybe even taken it all out on my husband because of the frustration of it all (whiney and needy much?), I should have been taking a deep breath, giving Vincent lots of snuggles, cuddling up with him and reading books, and not gone cross when any food but yogurt was refused. Teething=hard work. Teething=over time in patience for mama.

A video of the current Vincent the Teether. He's no fun at all.

(Don't you wish I would blog about something other than parenting? Me too.)

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