Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the upswing

Vincent had therapy on Friday, and it was the best session we've ever seen out of him. His therapist put together a ball pit in one of the therapy blow-up pools, filling it to the brim with balls. I've never seen so much delight on this kid's face. I regret not capturing it on video, but it's not a memory I'm likely to forget. He was transformed in there. And he was having so much fun that he was even brave enough to climb out of the chest-high tub and grab the cars and balls that slipped out. Each time he climbed in and out he finessed it a little bit more until you would have thought he had been doing it for a while. His therapist said that him climbing in and out was really hard work, and that if we could imagine climbing in and out of a tub that came up that high on us, it would put it in perspective just how far he's come. Um, yeah! She also tossed out some therapy speak about how the ball pit was stimulating his nerves and overwhelming his senses so he might actually feel more of his body and be more aware of limbs he's not usually aware of or know how to move. And you would have thought it was just new-age-therapy babble, but the kid walked so much better after he got out of the pit—and only holding onto one hand! I'm a true believer that therapy and early intervention are really best.

We did discuss his social and communication delays (i.e. not making eye contact and not smiling in response to our smiles) the doctor was worried about and that brought up the A word. Throughout therapy the therapist would ask Vincent to hand him cars and make him look at her. By the end he was making better eye contact, but only a few seconds at a time. Because of Vincent now being at such a impressionable age where therapy can make the most difference, we've decided to do once a week therapy sessions with this therapist in addition to the Infant & Toddler Services therapist who see him. Poor little man is going to get worked.

We're also inundating his weekends with stimuli. This morning we had a play date with a dear friend and her daughter who is only a month older than Vincent, but in my eyes seems off the charts in development. She was the perfect playmate for Vincent because she doesn't get in his space yet showed him how to be independent. After a few minutes of sitting scared on my lap, he crawled off and started playing. He did get a little threatened when my lap was claimed by his new friend, but she quickly vacated the area—but not before giving Vincent a little hug. Best moment ever!

We also took Vincent to his first baseball game. Although I worried how hot it was, we were able to cool down in some of the stores in the stadium. And because we came with family, Vincent was never without someone who wanted to hold him or wanted to walk him around. He was mesmerized by all the signage and people. Maybe a little overwhelmed at first, but he warmed up—especially when we gave him some fries. So healthy.

Exploring Kauffman Stadium. 
Tomorrow we're having lunch at the in laws. This house is never going to have down time ever again!


  1. I am so happy that you are on an upswing!! It sounds like Vincent loves thearpy with the ball pit. It is a hit in our sessions at school too. The most important thing that you are doing is providing him love & security along with stimulating activities. Never doubt yourself as a is always a challenging role and you're doing wonderful.