Monday, November 24, 2008

Burning foot and a nugget of inspiration

MS strikes again. I had felt it coming on. The tingly numb feeling in my right foot started a week ago. I knew what was coming. It was inevitable, because so often with MS, it's slow building, progressing to something worse. Taking its sweet time til suddenly you realize you feel like shit or that something just doesn't feel normal and diminished. Take my last relapse, for example, dizziness turned into to full blown chunks. I couldn't keep anything down for a weekend straight. Of course, it subsided, and once again, I was back to normal. Or as normal as I can be. So I've been waiting for the big nasty MS monster to come trip me up.

Last night, while enjoying Twilight with Amanda and her sister Jill, I felt it: my whole foot went completely numb, as if it didn't belong to my body at all. The movie was enough to distract me, but when I got home, it was a different story. My foot felt as if it was on fire, just burning away. If you've ever come in from the freezing cold and put your hands or feet in hot water, and you've felt a tight burning sensation as if your nerves are being exposed too quickly. This is similar to what my foot feels like. So tomorrow I'm taking yet another jaunt to the neurologist to see what she can do, because it's hard to concentrate and sleep when you feel as if your foot is on a pyre.

By some stroke of luck, flames aside, writing inspiration has struck. I've been waiting, with plenty of false starts, music-jamming brainstorm sessions, and blank-screen staring, patiently for some trickle of something to write about. Who knows if my latest idea will pan out, but if not, I'm hoping it will just lead to something better. A New York Times best-seller perhaps.

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  1. Damn MS monster! I must say for someone who has never experienced anything like an MS episode...I truly felt your pain through your imagery and word choice. You are a fabulous writer. The fact that you can articulate the tingling pain so well through a blog post that your closest blog fans can feel your pain shows your talent. I can't wait to stay up all night reading your best sellers one day. I just request that you write a series, so I can savor your wisdom and talents as long as possible...I'm thinking at least 5 books...