Monday, November 10, 2008

Email surprises

Iphones are the best. My sister sends me pictures she snaps when my nephew AJ is at his cutest. Like little eye presents. Despite the miles, we stay connected. We also videoconference via Skype, so AJ remembers who I am. Every now and then, he'll ask "Jes-ca?" And we'll Skype or talk on the phone. And I get to use my animal noises. I love that you can appreciate them. It's like our own silly language.

The most recent picture present was classic AJ. He wanted to wear a hat. Of course you did. Hats are cool, and even better on you. You're the best little buddy. The best.


  1. I'm sure A.J. misses you. You are a cool aunt.

    So glad we're blog friends!