Monday, November 10, 2008

How does a cruise that goes to Egypt sound?

Just delightful. Jonathan and I are in the throes of researching European cruises to possibly take next year during our anniversary. Check this out: Rome, Capri, Athens, Kusadasi, Istanbul, Mykonos, Cairo, and Alexandria. Oh please, oh please let us go. Course, we'd have to cut way back on spending. And if we do decide to go, Jonathan decided we'd need the right camera. So we're also in the midst of researching SLRs. I could take my very own pictures of pyramids and the Acropolis. We're also thinking about learning up some Italian. Anyone tried that Rosetta Stone?

Mmmm, daydreaming...

Oh, and the ship offers yoga. That's pure bliss.

1 comment:

  1. To help with expenses, just borrow our camera...great cost. You already have the lens cap...then you can know if you really want to invest in one.

    You dream of a European cruise...I dream of an Alaskan cuise...such different worlds.