Monday, January 19, 2009

Creative genius

There's a certain bloggy person I know who really takes the cake in creative genius. She's busy all the time dreaming up projects, but unlike me, she actually carries them through—in like a day. (Trying not to be jealous here.) And now she's giving away part of that creative genius in the form of one of her stylishly funky and fun totes. Wanna new bag that makes people ask, "I love your tote! Where in the world did you get that?" Then click over to A Capricious Perspective's blog to get registered to win! She's giving away one tote to one lucky winner—I should know because I have one her of creations, and I love it. And not just because it happened to be designed by my sister. This is a completely unbiased review. You can find a link to the giveaway to the right by clicking that cute blog giveaway button.

Design note: If nothing else, admire the blog button I created for A Capricious Perspective's blog giveaway. Indeed, creative genius just might run in the family.

1 comment:

  1. I love the button! Adorable - if you are digging birds lately you should totally check out the bird necklaces I made (Chance thought you would like them.