Monday, January 19, 2009

No more magazine subscriptions

I'm down to only having one magazine subscription—Yoga Journal. I love magazines. It also means I have a hard time getting rid of them when I'm through with them. What if I someday want to look back at them? Yesterday, I decided that the ones in my craft/guest bedroom haven't been looked at in months, so it was time to let go. I was really tempted to hold back a few issues. But I was strong. The only magazines I'm keeping in my archives are Yoga Journal. That's enough. I just need to remember that.


  1. What's the only magazine you're subscribed to? I think I'm going to whittle my subscriptions down to just Lucky and maybe InStyle...

  2. It is sad to let them go, isn't it? I have an accordion file...okay actually two accordion files...don't make fun of me...a household one with my favorite decorating ideas by room of the house or holiday and a Parenting one with sections like nutrition, discipline, medical advice...etc.

    It does sound pretty nerdy..doesn't it? But I feel better letting go of a magazine knowing that I kept the pieces that spoke to my spirit or might come in handy later.

  3. I tried to resist saying something about it...but really....Yoga Journal?