Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh mama!

I started my daily shot this week, and I'll I can say is: OUCH! That hurts, that hurts, that seriously freaking hurts! Although I don't experience the flu side effects that I did with my three-time-a-week shot (Yippee!), this shot is very painful. I get a nice size lump and a patch of redness around the injection site. It goes away after a while, but like my other shot, the area feels bruised days later and some of my lumps have last days. I'm still not sure how my body/skin is going to react to daily shots (i.e. if the injection reaction starts lasting longer), and because of the frequency, I'm probably going to have to start giving them in the thigh so I have a wider rotation of places to inject. I'm not a fan of giving a shot in my thigh because it's the most painful place for me. I think it's because my thighs are all muscles (yoga!). I must remember: Things could be worse.

But enough about illness before you all think I've become a complainer and a hypochondriac. I'm so excited to be counting down the days until my niece Abby arrives on Friday. I go meet her on Sunday, where I'll stay week snuggle loving my nephew and the new baby, and pampering the new mommy. To prepare for my trip and a week away from my yoga studio, I've downloaded the Prete-a-Yoga application to my iPhone. My plan is to take myself away for an hour or so each day and take a "class."

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