Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did someone say yoga?

Warning: Yoga addiction may cause blog neglect, family neglect, and an extreme sense of euphoria (especially when discussing yoga with others).

Yesterday, I took three yoga class, one at lunch and two last night. My body is surprisingly unsore, maybe a little noodle-like, but who couldn't use a bit of noodle in their body?

My company is doing a 12-week program where you tally up your miles of exercise, weigh yourself, get your blood pressure, and measure your body fat mass, hence the extreme yoga-takingness. At the kickoff meeting, I announced to the group that unlimited passes to the studio I go to are only $95. The looks I got! It amazes me that people will spend that much on junk food every week and not bat on eye, but God-forbid they actually bring exercise, peace, and well-being to their lives. Glad I'm learning compassion at the same time!

Eesh, I sound like a yoga snob, but really, is that a bad thing?

1 comment:

  1. I have fallen victim to the neglect as your yoga addiction worsens, and I must say I get really pissed off every time your phone goes to voice mail knowing that you would rather stick your butt up in the air in a downward dog than talk to me. I resent that unlimited pass you so take advantage of. Your yoga euphoria causes me pregnant/neglected sister aggression. This can't be healthy.