Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Looking back at my earlier post, I notice what an eye sore my box spring mattress is. But when I think of a bedskirt, my mind automatically does a line dance (not a good thing). So: to skirt or not to skirt? What are the other options? On Young House Love's blog, I found a bedskirt idea I think I can get under.

Here's the duvet. From West Elm. It's a dramatic yet simple (and organic) pintuck duvet. I'm thinking natural so as not compete with the Rain Washed walls.

I like the idea of a patterned bed skirt so the bed doesn't seem like one block of neutrals. Now to find that dramatic and anchoring bedskirt.


  1. love this idea! Such an interior designer at heart you are!

  2. If you want to stay with the clean look, just use a fitted sheet to cover the boxspring. If you make one, you should invest in a sewing machine. I don't trust that iron-on bonding stuff. You can get good machines for pretty cheap off of Craigslist.