Monday, May 10, 2010

Locked out

If you're reading this post title and wondering if we locked ourselves out of the house. On the Mother's Day. Yes. We did.

We were headed out to go grocery shopping to host the in-law crew for a Mother's Day dinner.

"Honey, will you grab the recycling on the way out?"

"Got it!" (Look at us being super organized and multitasking. I mean, we could save the recycling trip for later. But nope. Two birds.)

[Rushing out the door beaming at our geniusness of multitasking.]

"Let's check the mail on the way out."


"Honey, do you have the key?"

"What? No, just use yours."

"I didn't bring mine. You were supposed to grab your keys. I only grabbed the car key."

"I grabbed the recycling." [Still beaming. I still hadn't got that we were locked out.]

"We're locked out."


So another two and half hours later and a trip to the in laws to grab the key we gave them, we were back in business with our keys and ready to go grocery shopping. Dinner was late. So much for being super organized and multitasking.


  1. Oh NO! haha. Hopefully you can at least laugh about it...?!