Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decorating jewels

Let me start this post by first saying that in the 5 years we lived in our apartment, I never exactly honed my decorating skills. You see, I refused to believe that we would stay in our apartment long (that didn't happen) and second, I didn't want to spend money on decorating such a temporary place when who knows what kind of house we would end up buying or how long we would end up staying (smart on both counts). I also didn't unpack and distribute the decorations I had from college (mostly consisting of bright gems from my sister's stint at Nell Hill's).

I don't decorate. I try. I read the magazines and blog stalk these guys and her, but I don't possess the DIY bone that makes me scour Craigslist looking for ready-to-spray paint cheap wonders. It's the reason why you haven't seen any pictures yet of the house all dolled up. It's the reason why she's coming to visit this week. To help me decorate and give me ideas. To define my decorating style. Or just let me borrow her's.

And tell what in this collection goes and what stays and how to use it. So much trust here. I mean, who couldn't trust someone who makes stuff like this for fun? (And I secretly hope she will be inspired to make me one too once she see the house.)

Just sifting through some of those forgotten treasures (?), I found these. Aren't they cute? Will they find a place in our new nest?

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  1. Hey soul sista! I am crazy excited to see your house in person! We will have so much fun decorating! But really, I need a budget to work with.