Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm going to be hot yoga girl

It comes down to this: I need help getting back into my yoga routine. So starting next month, I'm going to be joining my favorite yoga studio in KC. I'm going to stretch, balance, and work my muscles content every day (I hope) starting next month. Since I've been sick I've found it hard to get back into my home routine. But even when I was practicing it everyday, I didn't feel as committed or felt like I could go as deep as I could in the studio. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was practicing in our where-crap-gets-tossed 2nd bedroom. Not only is there a giant treadmill, there's a full-size bed, boxes of all the things we can't unpack, a mountain of blankets that can't fit in our linen closet, a desk, a TV, and book shelf stuffed with books. It's no surprise that I can't concentrate enough to really get into each asana. At the studio, I can really focus and have a clean space in which to work.

It hurts me to think that last year I was doing handstands for minutes at a time, and I was about to move away from the wall while doing them. I have to start from the beginning now. Knowing me, I'll overdo it.

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