Friday, August 15, 2008

Medical knowledge

I am my mother's daughter. If Mom hadn't told me I was a good writer and that someday I should write a book (yeah, right!), I probably would had gone with a career in science. Just like Mom. Or stuck with being a speech pathologist. I know I would have made more money.

Mom liked to read about all things science. Mostly genetics. (Crazy, I know, right?) She also read a lot about lung cancer and CPOD, because knowledge is power. I'm the same way, and I didn't know it until I was diagnosed with MS. What I discovered, and what Mom probably did too, is that all diseases have some of the same fundamental properties. It's just the little things that set them all apart. So I'm learning, and making connections. For example, I read that interferons are also used in the treatment of cancer. Although mine is one strain of interferon taken at a low dose, I too take an interferon.

Here's where I get on my soapbox: If something seems suspicious, nip it the bud and get it checked out by your doctor. It may be no small thing. Just like I didn't in fact pull something in my leg while running. And that mole that I had removed, well, it came back negative, but it could have been something worse. Oh, and please use sun screen and avoid tanning beds. Not only does tanning age you (noticeably), you're just asking for skin cancer. Being healthy is more beautiful than any sun-kissed glow.

[Stepped off soapbox]

Now, does anyone else think that Michael Phelps is taking 'roids? The boy can swim!

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