Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yoga, yoga, yoga

So after purchasing a year-long unlimited pass at Darling Yoga, I went to two classes this week—along with preggo Amanda. I think that's a pretty good start. First class was just yoga basics and last night, have some prodding from Amanda, we went to restorative yoga. Yoga Basics didn't feel basic. I could barely hold plank or down dog, but in my defense, my wrist was bothering me. I had done restorative yoga before in Lawrence, and it just didn't seem to fulfill my intense nature (if I don't feel a burn, it's not accomplishing anthing IMHO). This restorative class rocked however. We did lots of leg stretches, which I needed after being in hibernation and sitting on my butt for so long. We also did some twist, which amazingly, reached all the way to my tight shoulders and helped open them up. My favorite pose came at the end. And I knew it was coming. It's called Supta Baddha Konasana. The last time I did it, it wasn't all that comfortable. I don't know if it was all the stretching we did prior, but my body was one giant noodle when it came to this pose.

Or so I thought. After a few minutes in the pose, which I thought I was doing really well, Emily (the fabulous owner and instructor) came around and adjusted those afore mentioned tight shoulders of mine. Um, wow. It felt so good I think I could have fell asleep in the pose. I walked out of class feeling so relaxed, happy, and energized. Even finding out that Jonathan ate my m&ms didn't bother me. He did leave me some. Thanks honey.

I'm in Denver next week to spend some time with my little rascal nephew and my sister and to attend yet another tradeshow. I'm thinking a jaunt up to the mountains, more yoga, lots of food, writing (that I'm behind on!), and some TLC. Oh, and work, but who could forget that?

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