Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Did you know I'm addicted to Facebook? [Holds up hand] I, Jessaca G., have an addiction to Facebook. I'm not sure why because rarely does anyone post anything riveting. At least, not anymore. Not like they used to. It's almost as if social media etiquette has taken hold or the allure has grown dusty. I can't say I post as often as I used to and when I do you can just about bet it's of my son. Sad, but true. He's my life. Simple as that.

I digress. Lately, the ads have gotten to me. Those tiny little thumbnail ads are clever. They speak to me in a why no other advertising has. I'm almost immune to such antics. Well, unless you're JCPenney's (have you looked at their sales ads recently?), Starbucks, or Target cuz then we're quite friendly. On first name basis if you will. They might even know me as Jess or Jessie, and I'd be OK with that cuz we're tight. Anyway, those ads. They've captured me, and my most recent click as on the Terrain ad.


Simple. Stately. Classy. Cozy.

Expensive. But window shopping is free. So I do it often.

But what really got me was their emails. They're not bold. They don't scream at you in big fonts and bright colors. They make the designer in my sigh with lust.

They captured my heart with muted, understated photography and amazing product you don't see anywhere else. It's a shop that really does make me go: Oh, the holidays could be simple if I let it be.

That red door. Those little twinkle lights. That tree stump.

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