Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Insta Friday (rewind edition)

Let's pretend I had my crap together last week and that I wasn't super crazy and super busy with a side of totally stressed out. Dig deep. Put your fairy godmother shoes on, sprinkle fairy dust, and it'll work. On with the show.

This tree is seriously my favorite. It's nothing fancy. I bought it at K-Mart when I was in college. The theme then was blue and white. I know, I puke a little too thinking about that now. Since then it's gotten simpler deckings. A couple years ago I bought a little package of funky fun shatter proof balls from Target. And even without lights, it's still magical. Sweet and simple.
It's become a tradition for my mother in law to go shopping together for Christmas outfits for the whole family. Vincent made out like a spoiled bandit with three Christmas T-shirts, a preppy argyle sweater and jeans, an adorable pair of black corded overalls with a train, as well as a set of Christmas PJs. Jonathan got a green plaid button up shirt, a red crew neck sweater, and nice gray undershirt. And me? Well, I got this amazing fur-trimmed red vest, a gray striped sweater to go under the vest along with a red cami. I can't wait to rock it. 

Here I am now modeling my best sultry snow bunny look for you. Meow!
After all that shopping, I was sick the next day. The boys hung out together. I'm sorry for the grain on this picture, but aren't they cute eating dinner together? My heart swells seeing them together. 

One of the funniest memories is my sister arguing that she saw a kangaroo in my uncle's yard when she was little. Um, sweetie, we lived in Missouri, not the outback. Allow me to introduce to you what a hare looks like. It's also called a jack rabbit. Glad we can put that argument to rest and perhaps throw in a geography lesson.
Vincent and I sometimes spend our time together in the evenings playing with Playdoh. Actually, he demands I form balls and then he holds them. Any other shapes are out of line. Here's my artistic abilities as demonstrated with his babies, Pig and Baa.

Riveting stuff right here.

He's such a grump.  
To conclude, this is what my life has been looking like lately. Just wanting to keep it real. Quite a lovely mess, and when you work from home, it drives you to the point of insanity and you use your breaks to clean and about claw your husband's eyes out when he steps through the door. It is his fault, after all.

Til next this Friday! Keep it real. 

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