Monday, December 31, 2012

She saw the art her world needed and hung it

One of my most favorite gifts this Christmas was from my sister. These wonderfully inspiring sayings for women. It's a fitting gift not only because 2013 is said to be the era of the feminine, but I'm a work in progress. Isn't that all women? I don't think men continually take stock of their lives the way we do. But back to the art work. My sister gave me five framed prints. I'll have to ask where she got them in case they inspire you too.
To hang the wall collage of prints, I took newspaper from my recycle pile and setting the frame on top, I cut fairly rough shapes of the frame. Then I flipped the frame over, lined the paper up with it, and then using a pen, punched a small hole through the paper where the nail hanger was at. That way I could just use that hole to hammer my nail into the wall once I got my newspaper templates right where I wanted them. I used frog tape on the back so I could adjust the arrangement without to much fuss. It's the best but less exact method to hanging picture collages. I'm in love with the end product.
I still need to paint the walls a deep gray and hang my gallery wire above the collage.

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