Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I got for Christmas

This Christmas was mainly about Vincent. I was sad he was so grouchy. On Monday we woke up and wanted to open presents right then. He opened one halfway and started bawling. Food first then. He was grouchy off and on that day. Between waking up early from his cough, not getting in good naps (cough again), teething, not eating well, and finally, all the people he didn't know but who wanted to hold him, he wasn't the exuberant child I imagined on Christmas Day. Maybe next year. Maybe we'll also make it a priority to bring the pack and play along so he can take a decent nap. In spite of all that, our Christmas Eve dinner party and Christmas was wonderful. Here's what I got:
• a collection of jewel-toned inspirational sayings to hang in my office (thanks sis!) I'm going to hang them today, so look for that picture.
• a journal
• Starbucks! There is nothing more inspiring than coffee.
• lotion, lip balm, nail file, and cuticle oil (I love pampering gifts!)
• pjs (two sets!)
• a sweater (needs to be returned...the husband failed!)
• bra and undies (the girls and the goddess are happy!)
• money to get a passport (headed to Canada this summer possibly)
• a pearl necklace and earrings (thanks honey!)
• a blingy bracelet set (my mother in law did good)
• wonderful ornaments (only four this year: a custom made one from my sister that I plan to hang in the office, the Hallmark Christmas radio countdown I had been wanting, a Hungarian egg, and a beautifully knotted ribbon wreath that I'm told was inspired from the pages of Martha Stewart new magazine subscription for the year!)
• a blanket for the air mattress Jonathan received
• young house love's book (my BF knows me so well)
• bath salts and truffles (mmmmm!)

I can't believe how thoughtful all my gifts were! It makes me inspired for next season!

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