Monday, April 21, 2008

A booger goes down easy

Not from recent personal experience (I'm sure as a kid I ate a booger or two), but listening to my sister tell me that for the first time my dear, sweet, apple of my eye of a nephew just picked and ate his booger is both hysterical and quite disgusting. I'm trying not let it mar that apple-of-my-eye depiction of him. I guess you can say he's turning into a little boy, and seeing him on Skype makes me see just how old and grown up he is. And how much of a booger picker he is, which I think just makes him even cuter and funnier.

Another booger in my life right now is work, but it's one hell of a booger. We're still one man down. Actually, we're doing really well, but I'm just an old workaholic that can't seem to say "no." Jonathan says that I'm not allowed to bring my MacDaddy on vacation. We'll see about that. How else will I tell you of my adventure in the great backwoods of Missouri?

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