Saturday, April 5, 2008

Will we win?

I think Jonathan and my blood pressures are at the max right now as we watch KU take on nemesis UNC in the Final Four. Behind the Tar Heels is traitor Roy Williams, one time KU coach. I know it's sinful to wish someone death, but maybe just little bit of pain? Just a little? Are the basketball gods with us? Will we make the chalk shake this evening? Please, please, please!

Today, we ventured to Target. We expected the stores to be deserted because everyone would be trying snake a table somewhere downtown to watch the game, but it seemed a usual shopping day. I picked out a pair of prescription sunglasses. Jonathan wasn't comfortable with the fact that I had been driving with non-prescription sunglasses, so come a week, I'll be driving in style and with sight! I also picked out another pair of glasses—editor glasses! So $300 later, we left the optical shop. It amazes me how expensive glasses are!

I've been reading my cookbooks in prep for my sister's visit. I'm thinking about attempting scones, maybe some jalepeno bread, but definitely asian lettuce wraps and homemade pot pie!

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  1. i am glad your text wave worked.