Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hell yeah!

Some truly amazing history took place in San Antonio last night. On the 20-year anniversary of KU winning its 1988 National Championship basketball title, KU took home another one. Jonathan and I left work early (yes, even this workaholic found time to root for her Jayhawks), and we trekked to Allen Fieldhouse to watch the game on the big screens. There was something magical about watching the game while being in the stands. I almost felt like the ghost of the players were playing on the court the entire time, hearing our chants (Rock Chalk Jayhawks!) and feeling the energy from our free-throw fingers and prayers. The part of the band that wasn't in San Antonio was at Allen to strike it up and set on us on fire. There was, of course, the usual audience-wide waves that coursed through the place, providing even more spirit. Also on hand was Baby Jay and Jay, our mascots.

I knew in my gut that we were going to win this game, never knowing that the come back we'd make would be sensational. That three-pointer—just about the only one we made that night—was something we were fated for. Overtime was ours. It should have been called Jayhawk Overtime. From paint to paint, we were swirls of colors as dribbled, passed, and shot. We high-fived strangers, honked like crazy around town, and joined in the merriment. Downtown was a mass of 40,000 strong. Climbing up flag poles and street lights. It was pure crazy high. Even the mile-long drive-thru line at Taco Bell couldn't upset us.

I give credit to Memphis. They really were our equal. If you don't believe me, look for the line-up online. It's almost like we were playing ourselves. My only criticism would be that the team needs to work on their free throws. Had they made the many they missed, we wouldn't have won. But that's all part of the game. The other thing I think Memphis shouldn't have counted on was their fouls. KU doesn't rely as hard on fouls as other teams do. I saw Davidson and North Carolina play the same foul game. Not a good strategy.

In 2003, I thought we were destined for this title, but it wasn't ours. That game, despite our loss, was a good memory. Mom and Tami had came to Lawrence before the game to see me. I was hyped, and so was Mom. She'd stopped at some store before coming to see me, buying me my beloved KU blanket and Jonathan a hat. Mom loved watching the Jayhawks, talking with Jonathan about the latest wins. Mom knew were going to win tonight. I felt like her spirit, which I hadn't felt in some time, was with us in Allen.

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