Monday, April 14, 2008

Ready for a vacation

In about two and half weeks, I'll be departing for the dirt roads of southern Missouri. That may not sound as pleasant as it sounds to me right now. Just the word vacation is foreign to me because I'm working so much. Urban Times production is in full swing, and as the sole editor, I'm very tired of reading. And work work, well, that's hellaciously busy as usual. They have me interviewing, transcribing, and writing until my body just wants to lie down for awhile. Missouri. It beckons me.

My sister is bringing the apple of my eye of a nephew and we're going to have some fun...and sleep! Oh, yes, sleep. But the first stop will be to visit my aunt (a.k.a my other mother), because she has yet to see the cuter than bunny nephew of mine. Then maybe a somber stop over to Mom's grave. And then, just to sleep, visit, maybe dive into some recipes I've been wanting to try, get some fresh air and sun (I haven't seen the sun in months because I'm always holed up with my MacDaddy), and eat the grand-daddy of all subs: Cornerstone. Yum yum as my nephew would say. I know it's just a sandwich, but it's also artistry.

I'm thinking this is going to be a good vacation, but somebody better keep my laptop away from me.

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