Sunday, August 11, 2013

A masterpiece

Paint Therapy Uncorked was so much fun. We spent 15 or so minutes picking out the piece we wanted to try to imitate. My middle name is overachiever, whether or not I succeed, I want to know I've gone for something good. So in true fashion, the piece I selected, a sailboat on an evening sea, was one of the harder pieces. Yup, overachiever. 
Putting my paint brush to work, I got busy. Everyone poked fun at how serious I was. Good thing I was drinking wine to loosen up and paint those millions of paint strokes. 
It didn't turn out too bad, especially if you stand far, far away. I sort of think my sailboat is floating in space rather than sea. Vincent called it a castle. I guess I'm impressionistic to the extreme. 
{my inspiration work}

{my blank canvas}

{not an exact match. need more wine}

{finito. Not perfect but not bad. from far away}

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