Friday, August 2, 2013

On the road

Whew! It's been a whirlwind five days traveling to Denver.
For our last day, we headed to Devil's Gulch to hike up and see Gem Lake, but the heavens open right when we decided to eat a picnic before we headed up. We all ran to the van and looked at Andy to explain why the heck we were hiking up a mountain when it's raining! 
Our new plan: finding bowling alley while the rain let off. Nothing says fun like kids throwing blowing balls. I'm not kidding! 

After that adventure of running and ducking from 6lb bowling balls we traded our bowling shoes for tennis shoes and tried once again to head up the trail.
By this point we were all tired and it was almost dinner time. It was hard to focus on the beautiful nature surrounding us when you're going up almost a straight vertical and the trail side animals {mostly chipmunks but we did see a rabbit} look like dinner. Half way up we called it quits, headed down the slide, and got pizza in picturesque Estes. {I want to live there.} I didn't get any pics because I didn't want to accidentally fall on my phone and break it! But I loved to tell the tale! Till next time Gem Lake!

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