Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paint Therapy Uncorked

Jonathan is sick. Vincent is getting over a cough. But it's always something, right? Tonight I'm heading out to paint and drink wine at Paint Therapy Uncorked with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. Me, wine, paint. Things could get very interesting.
I need a fun night out with all the busyness going on: work deadlines, editing freelance, writing freelance, and I'm designing some prints for one of my good friend's nursery for her son. I'm actually hoping I turn out something descent to hang in my house. I'm not a drawer or painter by any means, but I can follow directions with the best of them.
Do they have one of these paint places where you live? You pay about $40 for all the art supplies, but you bring your own libations. It's a little pricey, but from what I see from the pictures they post to Facebook that everyone's work is well done. I think they must have good teachers. Unless there is some person being told to hide in the corner gripping their "masterpiece." {That'll probably be me.}

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