Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not fancy but super functional

I'm sort of kicking myself for not doing this sooner: I finally got around to buying bookcases for Vincent's toys. I actually had a particular bookcase in mind that was low and more trimmed out than a normal bookcase, but I couldn't bring myself to pay more than $100. And since it wasn't sold in stores I couldn't tell if it would suit. Enter two $17 cheap black bookcases from Target. Normally they're $25 each, which I really didn't think they were worth; $17 I'm OK with. But just because they were cheap doesn't mean they have to look cheap. So once I got the "wood" parts all assembled I pulled out the last remaining yardage of my Dwell studio fabric I splurged on three years ago as our sidelight curtain. I picked up way too much, so on top of it being a sidelight curtain, this fabric is also a skirt for my desk to hide the cords snaking behind it, fabric on my office walls as art in embroidery hoops, and now the backing to Vincent's two toy bookcases. Honestly, I'm not keen on the fabric like I once was. It's hard to use and doesn't look great but probably on an ottoman or some other chic piece of furniture that screams, "No kids allowed." But it's better than nothing. I'm also thinking about buying a piece of trim to glam it up a bit more. This week I'm going to go basement diving for wall decor to make it be less of a toy focal point. I've already decided to hang my sailboat up there as well. 

But the best thing of all on my $34 expenditure: 

Getting my fireplace hearth back, which had been stacked and crowded with toys. Vincent exclaimed the bookcases were awesome {the words he comes up with these days are hilarious} and immediately set to work exploring his treasures that are usually too piled up and jumbled together to be interesting enough to play with. Functional, cheap, and awesome indeed.

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