Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New rug, new perspective

On Saturday morning I did something I never do. I shopped. Online. I splurged. Big time for me. 
I've been wanting a foyer runner for ages, but wasn't sure what color and I didn't really want to shell out $150+ for one. 
Finally I settled on a color direction: black and white. This was after seeing a black and white stripped Ikea rug that's no longer available. {so disappointing when I went} 
But then I saw a black and white chevron rug on Target's website when I was showing a friend a rug I eventually want for Vincent's room. I had blinders on. I wanted that rug. I have been working hard on some freelance writing, so I decided I had earned it, but that I should also shop around. Wouldn't you know it but Home Depot was having a sale on a similar rug, was $15 less {$130 total}, and also had free shipping. I didn't think. I just bought.
It arrived today. In hindsight I should have measured my foyer. I know I have a long foyer, but it really puts it in perspective when a 7ft. rug manages to look short in it.
To counter the shortness {because I'm not returning this gem}, I centered it. If I were rich I would keep looking for one that fits better but then I worry when we move at some point I'll end up with a runner too long to go anywhere. 
The runner makes me want to style my foyer better, buy new light fixtures {not in the budget}, paint, and hang up mirrors and more art. I have this grand idea of hanging decorative mirrors on the wall the stairs are on in hopes of a)reflecting light since it tends to be dark and b)making them seem like windows. I'm kicking myself that that was one of the design changes I didn't take time to consider. 

Please ignore all the crap sitting out in the foyer. I'm in the process of going through some of my baby stuff to loan to a neighbor.

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