Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Waiting waiting waiting

I'm amid a land of plenty. Plenty of babies, that is. I swear everyone and her sister is either making babies, cooking babies, and having babies. I'm not in any of the camps, and I have to say, right now, it hurts just a little in a strange way. Honestly, I'm not entirely ready to go through THAT again, but it would be nice if I that's really what I wanted, we could be thinking about it. But we're not. We're fortunate to live in a nice house with a nice mortgage to go along with it. We're fortunate in our jobs since people are still being furloughed and let go but what we make together probably one of us should be making almost individually. Yeah, that hurts. So we're waiting and saving. Our lives are in a sea of change anyways with me trying to get a new job and Jonathan's job moving to a new city next summer that's almost 2 hours away. Yeah, that sucks and we're still not sure how to deal with it. So we're waiting. We're enjoying Vincent. He's at a wonderful age, and he's a little sponge saying new words, asking inquisitive questions {what's this name for objects he doesn't have the word for yet}. So while we're waiting, we're also taking this time to sit back, take stock, enjoy what we have, and even glimpsing some hummingbirds in the process. Sure the grass might be greener over there {better paying job, more babies, stylish clothes, and a magazine-worthy house}, but green just means there's been a lot of manure and rain. Manure and rain. 

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  1. I hope it all works out just the way you want when the time in right. In the mean time hang in there. Waiting sucks. It is one of my least favorite things.