Sunday, January 17, 2010

The bedroom paint color

Sherwin-Williams has a clever color visualizer tool that I've been playing around with trying to pick the perfect color for our bedroom. You have the option to upload your own photo, but because we obviously aren't in our house yet, I've just been using one their templates to imagine wall colors.

At first I thought we'd go toward green, and thought I had a color we might even go so far as to do a test patch on the wall when the time comes, but once I put in a paint color that would be similar to how our trim would be painted, the green became a bad choice. I know I could repaint the trim, but I think for now, we'll start small. So I tried a blue. And the name says it all: I give you "meditative."

Yes? No? Maybe so?


  1. Andy & I vote YES! Love it! So soothing and relaxing! Perfect!

  2. I agree...just soothing enough to encourage sleep.