Monday, January 4, 2010

I wish I could say

I had more to write and that the new year has motivated me. And that having last week off refueled and energized me. I wish I could say that I was excited to go back to work. To be revved up about packing. About the knitting I've assigned myself. The designs I've assigned myself (or asked for). The yoga I need to get back into the daily habit of doing. (I was down to two classes a week. Eek!) Christmas came and went, and 2010 showed up at the door with a beautiful blue moon. I got some great presents, cash for appliances, some ribbon, some tunes, and some shows. And time off. Who could forget the time off.

But it did little in the ways of motivation. Of refueling. Monday came. And it was THE SAME JOB I ran away from screaming the week before. Time did little in the ways of changing the boss. Dammit. I had such high expectations.

And the house, you ask? Well, someone wished for snow and it hasn't let up since. Neither have the below freezing temperatures. I don't expect we'll make the January 29th deadline or our contracted February 15th deadline. Until then, JL will be living at his in laws while I crash on my sis in law's couch in the city so as to avoid a long ass commute on top of 10-hour work days when we must say adieu to the apartment we've called home for 5 years on the 29th. (They don't do month to month leases. Those bastards.)

On the bright side: 2010 promises to be a great year for Pisceans for you astrology buffs out there, and I'm almost done packing.

So dear charming readers, if I don't post much in the coming weeks, just know I'm working my tail feathers off packing, knitting, designing, and just surviving. And you're in for some awesome posts.

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